Renæssanceforum 12 • 2017

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Ebbe Nyborg
Valdemar Atterdag og Højerup Kirke "på det yderste Stevns"

King Valdemar Atterdag and Højerup Church "on the Uttermost Point of Stevns"
On a lost tablet of bronze in the church of Højerup in Zealand it was stated that the church was dedicated on the 11th of September 1357 as the king Valdemar Atterdag had defeated the army of Holstein and taken count Klaus prisoner. The article proposes that the tablet would date the building to 1357-58 and that it may have been built by the king as a votive gift to God for his victory. A wooden image of St. Clemens stolen from the church 1999 is thought to belong to the original fittings of the church and is compared with bishops on a tomb which was set up by the king for his parents c. 1350.