Renæssanceforum 12 • 2017
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Hanne Kolind Poulsen
Adrian Collaerts Florilegium og det emblematiske verdensbillede – og om vigtigheden af at forstå latinske tekster på kunstværker

Adrian Collaert's Florilegium and the emblematic world view – and on the importance of understanding Latin texts in works of art
In the years 1587-89 Philips Galle published an engraved series of flower images for which he also produced the print designs. Adrian Collaert engraved the plates. On the title page you read in capital letters: "Florilegium". It is the first time that the term florilegium is applied in connection with a collection of flower pictures. For this reason Collaerts Florilegium has become famous, and is seen as the beginning of the later, very extensive florilegium tradition. The article addresses the meaning of the work. How are we to understand it? It has never been studied more closely in spite of its fame. What are presented here are the results of a more detailed examination.