Renæssanceforum 12 • 2017
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Minna Skafte Jensen
Autofiktion og intertekstualitet hos en dansk 1600-talsdigter

Autofiction and Intertextuality in a Danish 17th Century Poet
Bertil Knudsen Aqvilonius was a Danish poet who wrote almost exclusively in Lat-in. In a prose dialogue, Ad poeticam Danicam deductio (Introduction to Danish poetics), 1641, he discussed the grammar, prosody, and rhetoric of the vernacular. Being inspired by Cicero's dialogues, especially Brutus, he constructed his Scanian home as a new Tusculum and himself as a new Cicero, and just as other Neo-Latin authors he used a phrasing full of ancient echoes. The scenery he describes emphasises his inspiring garden, well suited for a contemplative way of life. However, he also uses the dialogue form to undermine the idyl.