Renæssanceforum 12 • 2017
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Vibeke Roggen
"alle gode Norbagger, som ere mine kiere Landmænd": Røster om 'Norge' og 'det norske' i 'dansketiden'

"All good Norwegians, who are my dear compatriots": Voices on 'Norway' and 'the Norwegian' in 'the Danish epoch'
Historians disagree upon the status of Norway in the period 1380 to 1814, when the ancient kingdom was no longer independent, but ruled by the Danish king. The article studies views on 'the Norwegian', as expressed in contemporary texts in various genres. Particular attention is given to the tendency of describing 'the Danish epoch' through metaphors - for example, Norway was compared to a sleeping or very old person. Among those who followed up in the 19th century was Henrik Ibsen, who in retrospect created the expression "400-year night".