Renæssanceforum 3 • 2007

Britta Olrik Frederiksen
Om "Buk fra Faar at skille". Et materialfilologisk eksempel fra AM 76 8vo, med en leksikografisk note

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On separating goat from sheep: In the first part of the article it is demonstrated that a couple of marginal drawings in MS AM 76 8vo (ca. 1470) have hitherto been misinterpreted – one as a ram's head instead of a goat's – because their connection with the text next to them was ignored. – On the basis of the textual evidence of the earlier stages of the authorized Danish Bible and its Greek source it is argued in the second part that the Danish buk in the phrase at skille fårene fra bukkene ('to separate the sheep from the goats') means '(he-)goat' rather than 'ram', as stated in the major dictionaries.