Renæssanceforum 3 • 2007

Marianne Pade
Hvad er teater? – Terentskommentarer og leksikografi

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What is Theatre? – Commentaries on Terence and Lexicography: In a large number of Terence manuscripts we find the words Calliopius recensui at the end of the plays, that is the signature of the Roman publisher who c. 400 AD produced an edition of the comedies. However, even before the Carolingian period there is evidence that a number of myths had sprung up concerning the figure of Calliopius, who in the commentaries is described as a contemporary and friend of Terence and as having a role in the performance of the plays. The article traces the 'myth of Calliopius' as it develops and discusses the notions about theatre and performance practice that appear in commentaries on classical authors and lexicographical works from the eighth until well into the sixteenth century. It also shows that 'Calliopius' became a concept rather than a person located in time.