Renæssanceforum 3 • 2007

Johann Ramminger
"Nur ein Humanist…". Einige neue Beispiele für humanista im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert

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Only a Humanist: The Latin word humanista had a fortuna in Neo-Latin outside the Italian peninsula, which so far has been known only from the Epistulae obscurorum virorum (1516/17). The word fits well into the polemical vocabulary of the Prereformation and Reformation periods, which generated a vast output of similar neologisms. Further examples of humanista are found in Vadian, Noel Beda, Bruno, Frischlin and others throughout the 16th century, where humanista is used as a polemical term meant to belittle the humanists' emphasis on language studies over the traditional methodology of theology, law, and other disciplines.