Renæssanceforum 3 • 2007

Peter Zeeberg,
Tycho Brahes Uraniaelegi. Nyoversættelse, tekst og kommentarer

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The Urania Elegy by Tycho Brahe: New Translation, Critical Edition and Commentary: The "Elegy on Urania by the author" was printed as an appendix to Tycho Brahe's first scientific work, The book about the new star (De nova stella, Copenhagen 1573). It is an allegorical description of the astronomer's decision to devote his life to science, specifically astronomy. In this paper a new critical edition of the poem is published together with an introduction, a short commentary and a verse-translation into Danish. The introduction analyzes the function of the poem within the book as a whole. Whereas the introductory correspondence between Tycho and his friend Johannes Pratensis presents Pratensis as the initiator to the publication, thus safeguarding Tycho against criticism from his fellow noblemen, the elegy attacks the ideals of the nobility as opposed to his own scientific ideals.