Renæssanceforum 7 • 2011

Jean-Louis Charlet
Niccolò Perotti, humaniste du Quattrocento: Bibliographie critique

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This article is a continuation of two prior bibliographical studies of Perotti-scholarship, published in 1993 and 2009. Including these earlier studies, it offers a comprehensive account of studies of Perotti's life and works published from the ninteenth century to 2010, studies which in several respects change our perception of the Picenian humanist. Amongst the most important recent achievements are the first critical edition of the Cornu copiae, and an on-line edition of the Rudimenta grammatices. The edition of the metrical treatises is almost finished, and that of Perotti's correspondence has been started, with one volume published, and a second forthcoming. All these works close some lacunae in our knowledge of the humanist's work, at the same time offering new possibilities for research on Niccolò Perotti.