Renæssanceforum 7 • 2011

Paolo d'Alessandro
Opuscula quaedam per ocium composita: occuparsi di metrica per distrarsi un po'

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The article explores the circumstances under which Niccolò Perotti's De Metris, De ratione metrorum quibus Horatius Flaccus et Severinus Boetius usi sunt and other minor writings (such as Iusiurandum Hippocratis) were composed. Special focus is placed on certain aspects of the tradition and diffusion of De metris. Though it influenced fifteenth-century editors of Servius' Centimeter, this small work still awaits a modern edition. Without doubt, the modern edition should be based on ms. Estensis Lat. 56 (= α. O. 7. 12), which preserves the final version of Niccolò Perotti's work.