Renæssanceforum 7 • 2011

John Monfasani
Niccolò Perotti and Bessarion's In Calumniatorem Platonis

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Perotti's role in revising Bessarion's Latin for the 1469 edition has long been established. It now seems probable that Giovanni Andrea Bussi helped with Bessarion's various Latin revisions prior to 1469 and perhaps with the Latin of the new Bk. 3 of the 1469 edition. Giovanni Gatti, OP, however, was responsible for the mass of scholastic citations in the new Bk. 3. Perotti's intervention resulted in the translations of classical Greek sources being noticeably different from Bessarion's original translations, especially in the case of Greek poetry. Perotti completed his revision in just a few months between April and August 1469.