Renæssanceforum 8 • 2012

Nienke Tjoelker
Irishness and literary persona in the debate between John Lynch and O'Ferrall

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In 1664, the Irish priest John Lynch published his Alithinologia as a refutation of a report by the Capuchin Richard O'Ferrall in 1658. Their debate provides two interesting examples of polemical texts written by Irish authors in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The style of both authors reflects their identity, that of an ardent Gaelic supporter of Rinuccini (O'Ferrall) and that of Old English cleric who supports the faction trying to achieve a peace agreement with the English as soon as possible (Lynch). This contribution will sketch the historical background of their debate, and contrast the authors in relation to their background, the content of their works and the form and style of their writings.