Nordic Journal of Renaissance Studies

Formerly Renæssanceforum

Nordic Journal of Renaissance Studies (NJRS), formerly Renæssanceforum (vols. 1-15), is an interdisciplinary journal which aims at publishing articles on Renaissance matters within every conceivable field and from all subject areas. The term 'Renaissance' is here broadly defined as applying either to the historical period or to the Renaissance as a theme, a subject matter. The volumes that have appeared so far have highlighted topics connected with Northern Europe in a broad sense or with research originating there, but we welcome contributions which go beyond a Northern European focus.

Articles are published in Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, and Swedish. NJRS appears with changing intervals.

The journal is published by Forum for Renaissance Studies at the Universities of Aarhus & Copenhagen and hosted by the Department of History and Classical Studies, AU, with the support of the research programme 'Classical Antiquity and its Heritage'. The General editor of NJRS is Johann Ramminger.

All contributions to the NJRS will be peer-reviewed. The NJRS accepts thematic volumes as well as individual contributions. The latter are usually published as a supplement in the next thematic volume to appear. Contributors are advised that we cannot promise publication of accepted articles within a certain timeframe. Submissions and proposals for thematic volumes should be sent to

Advisory Board:

Professor Lars Bisgaard, University of Southern Denmark
Professor Jan von Bonsdorff, University of Uppsala
Professor em. John R. Christianson, Luther College, Decorah, Iowa
Professor Unn Falkeid, University of Oslo
Professor Réka Forrai, University of Southern Denmark
Professor Peter Gillgren, University of Stockholm
Professor em. Jürg Glauser, University of Zurich and University of Basle
Professor Christine Jeanneret, University of Copenhagen
Lektor Gottskàlk Jensson, University of Copenhagen
Lektor Sophie Kluge, University of Southern Denmark
Professor Outi Merisalo, University of Jyväskylä
Professor Lars Boje Mortensen, University of Southern Denmark
Dr Marita Akhøj Nielsen, Society for Danish Language and Literature
Dr Matthew Norris, University of Lund
Professor Bernd Roling, Freie Universität Berlin
Professor Carlo Santini, University of Perugia
Professor Mara R. Wade, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ISSN (vols.1–15) 1902-5041
ISSN (from vol. 16) 2597-0143
Publisher: Forum for Renaissance Studies
General editor: Johann Ramminger

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