Sophonisba in Early Modern Literature

eds. Anastasia Ladefoged Larn & David Hasberg Zirak-Schmidt

Nordic Journal of Renaissance Studies
20 • 2023
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Table of Contents
Samuel Agbamu
Petrarch's Sophonisba between Antiquity and Modernity (English summary)
Nina Hugot
L'éloquence de Sophonisbe, de Saint-Gelais à Montreux (1556-1601) (English summary)
Christian Høgel
Erofili – an Egyptian Sofonisba from Crete (English summary)
Jan Bloemendal & James A. Parente, Jr.
The Historicization of Desire: Sophonisba in Early Modern Dutch Drama (English summary)
Guðrún Kristinsdóttir-Urfalino
La Fierté d'Empire: Sophonisbe (1663) de Pierre Corneille (English summary)
Beth Cortese
Love and War: Court Politics in Nathaniel Lee's Sophonisba, or Hannibal's Overthrow (1676) (English summary)
Sofie Kluge
The Second Sophonisba: Figurality and Counter-factuality in Calderón's The Second Scipio (English summary)
Ritchie Robertson
Lohenstein's Sophonisbe: A Vindication of the Heroine (English summary)
Enrico Zucchi
A Fickle Power-crazed Seductress: Misogyny and Republicanism in Late Seventeenth-century Venetian Representation of Sophonisba (English summary)
David Hasberg Zirak-Schmidt, Sofie Kluge,
Anastasia Ladefoged Larn & Rasmus Vangshardt
Epilogue. Reflections on Historical Comparativism Prompted by the Case of Sophonisba


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