Latin and the Early Modern World: linguistic identity and the polity from Petrarch to the Habsburg novelists

edd. Trine Hass, Noreen Humble, Marianne Pade

Renæssanceforum 10 • 2016
(download the volume as one pdf-file)
Preface and Table of Contents
Johann Ramminger
Hans Helander
On Neologisms in Neo-Latin (English summary)
Marianne Pade
In Gallos: Renaissance Humanism and Italian Cultural Leadership (English summary)
Paul Gwynne
A Tale of a Few Cities: Topos, Topography and Topicality in Neo-Latin Epic (English summary)
Geoffrey Eatough
Weaving on a historical thread: William Camden's Elizabethan documentaries (English summary)
Andrew Laird
Nahua Humanism and Political Identity in Sixteenth-Century Mexico: A Latin letter from Antonio CortÚs Totoquihuatzin, native ruler of Tlacopan, to Emperor Charles V (1552) (English summary)
Nienke Tjoelker
The Threnodia Hiberno-Catholica (1659) and the Irish Franciscan community in the Tyrol (English summary)
Elena Dahlberg
National, Religious and Cultural Identity in Latin Poetry from the Great Northern War (1700-1721) (English summary)
Florian Schaffenrath
Anti-mirrors of Princes in Neo-Latin Habsburg Novels (English summary)


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