The Metadiscourse of Renaissance Humanism

ed. Annet den Haan

Renæssanceforum 11 • 2016
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Introduction and Table of Contents
Marianne Pade
Translating Thucydides: the metadiscourse of Italian humanist translators (English summary)
Annet den Haan
Valla on Biblical Scholarship: metadiscourse at the court of Nicholas V (English summary)
Camilla Plesner Horster
Forms and Effects of the Humanists' Grammatical Metadiscourse: Valla's Elegantiae and the development of humanist Latin (English summary)
Johann Ramminger
Consuetudo Veterum - Mos Italorum: Vos and tu in the Latin letters of early German humanism (English summary)
Trine Arlund Hass
Questioning Virgil: poetic ambition and religious reform in Erasmus Lætus and Baptista Mantuanus (English summary)
Marc van der Poel
Topics and loci communes as Agents of Cultural Unity and Diversity (English summary)
Miika Kuha
The Early Circulation of Andrea Dandolo's Chronica per extensum descripta in the light of the ms. Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria, J.IV.7 (English summary)


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