Issues in Translation Then and Now:

Renaissance theories and translation studies today

eds. Annet den Haan, Brenda Hosington, Marianne Pade and Anna Wegener

Renæssanceforum 14 • 2018
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Introduction and Table of Contents
Marianne Pade
Greek into Humanist Latin: Foreignizing vs. domesticating translation in the Italian Quattrocento (English summary)
Réka Forrai
Translation as Rewriting: A modern theory for a premodern practice (English summary)
Anna Wegener
Translating with Books: Leonardo Bruni as a theorist of intertextuality in translation (English summary)
Massimiliano Morini
Intertextuality and Early Modern Translation Theory (English summary)
Annet den Haan
From Valla to Nida: Biblical translation in the Renaissance and the twentieth century (English summary)
Andrea Rizzi
Editing and Translating Pliny in Renaissance Italy: Agency, collaboration and visibility (English summary)


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