Florentine Epigraphy: Aspects of Propaganda and Patronage Under the Medici

eds. Patrick Kragelund & Marianne Pade

Nordic Journal of Renaissance Studies
21 • 2023
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Table of Contents
Marco Buonocore
Ita ut de plano recte legi possint. Modelli espositivi epigrafici tra tradizione e ideologia a Firenze tra Umanesimo e Rinascimento. A proposito di un libro recente (English summary)
Outi Merisalo
Lettering the Might. Remarks on the Palaeography of the Inscriptions on the Fifteenth-century Medici Tombs in the Basilica of S. Lorenzo (English summary)
Henk Th. van Veen
A Failed Project. Captions and Inscriptions for Giorgio Vasari's Medici cycle in the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence (English summary)
William Stenhouse
Latin Inscriptions in Medici Florence and the Early Modern Viewer (English summary)


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